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EDCO International dedicates its expertise to serve companies and e-commerce trades, offering top notch logistics and transportation services, in order to give you an access on any wished market in Africa without the need to move.

The company promises total assistance in order to optimize clients’ chain supplies and maintain its efficiency, offering transportation by Air, Sea and Road, logistic solution and warehousing

EDCO International values its relationship with its clients, making it a top priority to be trusted by them. This trust is earned by being honest and transparent to costumers, perfect execution of tasks, keeping good work consisted, and always obtaining the wanted results.

Field of Expertise:

  • Transport:

EDCO International works in the air, maritime and road transports, in order to better the logistics and merchandise flux in favor of its clients. EDCO International dedicates its earned experience in logistics & transportation field to its clients, offering to handle the complexities of getting goods from point A to point B, by taking care of all the logistics aspects like packaging, containerization, storage, documentation, shipment and delivery.

  • Warehouse:

EDCO International has a secure warehouse, dedicated to the safe, efficient, and well adapt storage of its clients’ merchandise.

  • Call center:

EDCO International has a multilingual call center in Morocco, giving foreign enterprises the possibility to have a point of communication to any country in the entire world.